Monday, December 14, 2015

One Day We Will Have Residential Home For Mentally Challenged

Soon, very soon,
We will acquire a piece of land
in Kharghar, NaviMumbai
where we hope to built
a residential home for Special children,
With parents dead, siblings busy
They will have no one who really cares
Special Children
Forever they remain
an innocent child
with feeble mind
although their body grows
like stronger man.
Who will care for those children?
Who has time to spare?
Who will add smile when they feel lonely and bare?.
We will
We want to
We have a team who care and share
Sheltered workshops, safe envirnoment,
professional health care
The future holds good...
but first the funds.
without money one can never
realise dreams that are tough
Praying hard
that we are able to collect
enough funds
May Lord send us
who can help us
to buy that piece of land.....

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Thank U for this award
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