Saturday, May 03, 2014


hate competitions. 

On my normal days I might excel in my work but under the watchful eyes, my knees grow week. People are watching, they will judge me, although they don't even know me. My immediate performance will channel their thoughts.

I know these things shouldn't bother me. Why do I care what opinions are strangers making about me? They will soon forget. 

But the sniggering thought at the back of my mind keeps reminding me that I could have done it better, if only I had done it differently..if only I was alert...if only I had used my imagination, skill, ego is seriously depressed..keeps poking my conscious

"Loser! Loser!" it screams till I block my mind...

But mistakes happen and then two weeks later, all is really didn't matter how I had performed, at least I tried my best.......

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Thank U for this award
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