Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year

She is lonesome this New Year's night
Sits by her window 
watching the distant moon
There is laughter outside
Sky glows with sparkling colored lights
Young boys and girls dance to a loud tune
Music distracts her

Transports her back to those glowing days 
When surrounded by friends, 
dizzy with love
Popped one grape with every gong..
Clock struck twelve 
dancing began..
drinking champagne all night....
hundred handshakes to welcome fresh twilight
Everybody shouting at once
 "Happy New Year!"

Where are those friends 
she knows not
Too weak to help, 
crackling bones, 
no money to spend,
 vision cold.
What worth is she for this selfish world

She sits alone with her shadow by her side
"Happy New Year" she sighs
One more year has gone by
Many lessons learnt during hits and misses
Dreams and fantasy evaporated in thin air

Everybody walks on same path but few steps
Then moves on to another world
Of greener and brighter hue
One who has nothing to offer 
must sit in solitude 
twiddling thumbs
Croon a melidious song

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Thank U for this award
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