Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Mumbai Infrastructure

if you visit Mumbai, you will never be sad
because mumbai infrastructure is not really bad
you will be happy to walk on broken roads
your health problems cured through bumpy zones
sit in an auto rickshaw, ride through potholed roads
one by one they come out, your kidney stones
no need to go for a massage or to a spa
travel in mumbai locals and get yourself squashed
if you find no room in the town to stay
under the bridge there is bathroom space
Mumbai is the urban town,
you can walk freely in your night gown
you know?


  1. I have never lived in this city but it has always been warm to me. I have the most awesome friends here and I cant seem to get more of the city whenever I am there. :)

  2. nice little ditty about yoru huge city!

  3. heheeh... d massage part is so so so true!


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