Tuesday, April 03, 2012

April Platform Challenge: Day 2

Today’s Goals

Short term plan
Wake up early, brush my teeth
Wash my face, have my tea
Showered and dressed, go to coffee shop
Meet the professional web designer who is on top
Share notes with her to polish my site
Walk to post office to extract the cash
Long time, It’s frozen in the bank
Buy some clothes and pair of shoes
Walk down the street to have some meals
One more errant I have to do for a friend
Check her house to see all is well
Pay her bills, check the lights
Warn her maid to clean her house
Come back home and check my mails
Maybe snooze in the middle of the day
Evening might, go visit a friend
To check if she is fine and well
Stricken with cancer, I am told
But brave she is, now on medication
Home bound now, doesn’t walk on the road
Come back home and back to work
To complete my book that’s now a bore

Long term plan
Build a stronger bond with my friend.

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Thank U for this award
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