Monday, October 31, 2011

It's a Spooky Day!

Hope you have a scary day
Biting your nails till they bleed with pain
Or maybe you hide behind a dark thorny blanket
Too scared to face the bright red pumpkin
Sit there still while I go for treats and tricks
And collect the candies from every lane
Dressed in scar face with horn of a devil
And play some games on Halloween day

When night will come, will sit by fireside
All demons and ghoulish friends will come
Their whitish, blackish frilly dresses
Casting their shadows with crooked mane
Their teeth might fall out, but their laughter will be loud
The vampires will play a tuneless game
Once again there will be rain of candies
More tricks and treats for this spooky day!

Watch out
Move over

more  Halloween celebrations at The Gooseberry Garden


  1. this is creepy indeed.
    I almost think that guy is you,

    Thanks for sharing the shivers.

  2. powerful job,
    keep writing.

  3. love this, share with us if you can, smiles.


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