Friday, June 25, 2010

White Ants

I didn’t know how I could write
about the plight of a woman
whose FD’s got eaten
by bunch of white ants

She hid them away from the family members
burying it deep inside her wooden cupboard
Not checking for years,
smiling secretly about the travels
she would take when the FDs matured

And when the time came,
she looked deep into her cupboard
and found the white dust
Of FDs with numbers chewed away.

Did the white ants know
the value of money written on the paper?
Did they know it fetched a price?

It powdered the serial numbers in row,
chewing away the dreams of that poor woman

Ah! Someone please arrest that bunch of white ant!!

*FD - Fixed deposits
Inpired to write this poem after I read THIS


  1. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Very nice! Isn't this about Suranga Date's post :)

  2. is.
    I was inspired to write this poem after I read about the white ants on her page and there was prompt on Tent Poetry on the same day that said the first line 'I didn't know'..hence the poem...thanks for visitng my page:))

  3. Anonymous5:56 AM



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