Thursday, September 29, 2016

Renewed Friendship

The day you unfriended me
A piece of me died
Of having lost a good friend
Laughter, fun, good times
In a moment
You changed
Cheerless, depressed, sad
I let you slip off my finger tips
after much ado and fuss
Everything revolves around a reason
To move on
We must
But now you are back
With a newer jest
Earnestly tying knots
Over broken fest
Sure I am not
How do I react
Careful I am
What do I express
Everything said I
My words you wore like a cap
Not everything is about you
There is sun, stars, moon
Newer set of friends have I
with better humour and sense
Life goes on
Time stands still not
New stories made each day
Older left to rust
Friendship could start again
If based on trust
Wound around confidence,
laced with love
You may sit on side lines
Start all over again
Let words tell stories
Let new chapter begin
Pick up the scars
Scattered on the floor
Nurse them back to life
Bring them indoors
Maybe we will merge
before the day is done

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