Friday, October 07, 2011

When Your Friend Turns Foe


I have nothing to say to you
No, my tone is still the same
You heard the silence in my words
But you couldn’t see my pain that night?
No, there was no love from your side
It was just take and take
A fool
This was what I was
For having believed in you again and again

But now I am done

An ornament of my love
Is now tucked away under my bed
That you sprayed on me
I have combed it out from my hair
Your love that shone so bright
Blinded me
Or was it oversight?
You used me, no let me correct that again
I allowed you to mold me thus
Even though I knew it naught fine
I was for not seeing through
Now I scrape it off my fractured mind
Did you laugh behind my back?
I am sure I heard the chuckle of your breath

But now
I am exhausted

Let us forever end this game
You stole my love and now you gloat
Keep him
Maybe it was meant to be
I will watch the journey
While you set me free
Stitch up my sorrows
And happiness togather
Although little I can do
To change the weather
Need to sail away from you
I need to rest in my own brand new shoe
Curled up
I will put clouds over my head
Shut away the pain and not stay

Pains much too much
Feeling low
When a dearest friend turns foe

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  1. Lovely and very touching poem. Thanks for you comment that lead to the blog about the school for mentally challenged and special needs children. Being a Mom of special girl myself I heartily appreciate and I feel grateful to the amazing work your team has been doing


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