Friday, April 22, 2011

How to be a successful poet - NaPoWriMo - day 22

How to be a successful poet?

Write a poem, a topical one
of latest trends and hypes
add one small spaghetti line, and
dress it up with rhyme

Recite in front of popular friend
who in media world is known
ask him to fluff with extra praise
to popularize your phrase and tone

Around the world your poem goes
recited at every poetry slam
There! You are now a famous man
a poet, who is earning quite well!


  1. lovely word play on poets,

    humor is the best gift in writers.

  2. how are you today?

    Share 1 to 3 poems with poetry potluck today,
    Bless you.

    first time participants are welcome to share random poems or poems unrelated to the theme.

  3. Love the wordplay used here. Nice write.

  4. Thank you so much!


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Thank U for this award
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