Friday, February 05, 2010

What If.....

What if Sena behaved themselves and
prepared some soups
of sanity
We could live life, king size, colorful style,
and savor the sips
of equality
We would readily embrace the rules of trade
and even learn some
If they didn’t crush us, beat our souls,
we would help, punch head
of instability.
Mumbai, a common umbrella for all;
we could breathe the life
of quality
Together we could grab the stars and the moon
and bathe in the world
of glitterati
Mumbai City, Spiritual Master to all,
be it Bihari, Sikh or
Why waste our breath in idle chatter
when we could be discussing
We have cultured
our expressions,
mixed curry
Street food,
very tasty,
be it Vada Pav
or Pani Puri
In crowded trains,
we create space,
squeezing thin,
always in hurry
At every signal
we shop crazy,
be it inky quill
in words blurry
Tears stirred 
with laughter, sing,
vibrate at
every thrill
Weather too,
never scorching
our tender skin
We walk freely
at all hours
be it morn or
late nights
On our left side,
is the mansion,
and the slums,
on our right
If only Sena
could be our friends,
we could create the magic
till eternity
something’s wrong
with our Mumbai city
It's mocking our
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  1. You are never short of words when it comes to expressing yourself, right? A very strong voice indeed. If only sena-monkeys read this!
    Liked it a lot. :)

  2. hmm.. a thoughtful one :)

  3. Beautiful and a typical Pushpee's style! Amazing :)

  4. Nice poem man...thts the real story of amchi mumbai...
    well done

    All the best for BAT


  5. I never liked poetry this much until I read yours. Good job!

  6. Amen!!
    But Only If...

  7. what if all the north-indian politicians thought about the same...then we people wont suffer so much...:)

    nice one...passivity!!!

  8. Anonymous7:49 AM

    I so wish people thatt some sense soon! I wish they realise that this is our land. Whether they like it or not!

    Well said :D

  9. Thank you Karthik, glad u liked this one....:)

    @Aativa...yeah..a troubling thought!!

    @Shruti..soooo glad u like my style..:))

    @Shahid...yeah..a bitter truth!!!

    @Sureindra...nice words of encouragement...hope u will read more of my poems now..:)

    @Shilpa Amen! yeah!!

    @Siddesh..We, the aaaam aadmi, are meant to suffer in the cross fire...

    @psychedchick...I wish too that they realize it sooner...

    Thank you all for posting your feedback

  10. loved the poem, very well written, i think now all of us share the same feelings

  11. Unique and interesting post....
    nice reading :)

  12. @ Harsha..this has been on my mind and can't shake it off....
    @Mahesh thank u sooo much :))

  13. ..mocking our tranquility!!
    beautifully crafted lines

  14. Anonymous5:51 AM

    Pani puriiiii..I want it.
    A happy Mumbai I want it..
    Alas a happy and united India still seems far to reality.
    Inb/w So very well expressed!!!

  15. I thnk a combination of all our What Ifs, coming true would make a fantastic world.. :)

  16. Nice use of words. My first visit to your blog.. nicely written and an apt image... i really hope the sena reads it and realises what they are actually doing...

  17. Sorry I'm late Pushpee ; my site was hacked and I was tied up..

    You are a wordsmith :-) . You have a way with words that is unique. Loved the poem. Like people above have said you speak for a lot is us when you say 'What if Sena behaved themselves..' . Loved it..

  18. Awesome one Pushpee :)
    Fools of the Shiv Sena clan only need media coverage to keep their name up and for that they'd go to any extent.

    A funny take on the topic with fluid poem,I loved it!


  19. @Chetan..yeah now that we know the was indeed mocking our tranquility, khalli pilly!:)

    @Yemiledu…every Mumbaite loves pani puri, so I don’t blame u if u drooling, in this common taste of panipuri, where we stand united….yummy!!:)

    @Saro…yeah we all have hidden desires, this theme opens the gate and let us vent our wishes….three cheers to this theme...:)
    @Tanmaya…hope you will visit me more often , feels good to be appreciated..:)

    @Madhu….and I was wondering where were u…dher se aye par aye to sahi….Wordsmith? wow! That’s cool compliment….:)

    @Pawan..if Media is ready to give them bhaow, why will they not take it…they made a fool of urban people like us….:)

    Thank you all for your kind comments…so happy to be read….:)))

  20. Indeed IF..

    Good work.

  21. Nice one, really....wonder why they still get even a few votes. And MNS. And Ram Sene. And all our self-appointed "guardians"....the jobless rascals.

  22. Anonymous10:10 PM

    ohh..If only they had senses to read and understand this..Very well put...

  23. Hey,
    Both of us wrote a Poem !! Same Pinch !! :-P
    The only difference is that my poem doesnt stand anywhere in front of yours !!! Yours is a really Good Good Post

  24. Great have woven the words so wonderfully..

    All the best for BATOM 7!!

  25. @ Makk..thank you so much ;)

    @Swayambhu -there are certain brand of ppl who will always support MNS :)

    @dilontherocks- I too wish to pass my message to them, looking for a real postbox :)

    @Whats in a name..hahahaaha same pinch to u too …glad u liked it…

    @Geeta- thank you so much

  26. Anonymous2:52 AM

    Well if Sena behaves themselves then what else will they do... but they do need to behave for greater good...

  27. As always, good one! You have you say with poetry ;) As for the Sena, well,I guess the what if prefix is here to stay for sometime! There has to be another 'evolution' process for the idiots to civilize! Good luck with BATOM!

  28. Thank you 'Just another life'

    @dmanji yeah, if they dont behave, we will see the ppl move out of mumbai (just read that RIL is moving its HQ to Jamnagar) then where will Mumbai be with only marathi manoos???

    @Raksha Thank u..hope this madness ends soon...everyday some rotten news...quite frustrating!!

  29. Sena using the wrong get back it lost power...

    Only if they understood...

    My Last Post- What If You Were My Valentine


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