Monday, February 22, 2010

Vodaphone, I am unhappy with you

Twenty five times I came to your desk
From cabin to cabin, I pleaded with your man
"Set my phone, check my bill
Have installed BB, want connection to my tone"

Your man in uniform only smile
Behind that mask, there is thick blank line
How can you explain if you not too sure?
Your tactics of customer satisfaction are quite poor.

Once upon a time, a pre-paid line I had
Just recharged my phone, Rs200 was fine
But Blackberry
Brought me to your front door
Pre-paid to post paid
You made me buy one more
Now I have two mo-lines, both post paid. Alas!
Poorer by fifteen grands, cash running fast
You are not clear with your hidden cost
You shock me, I am sorry, it’s so gross

In this competitive world, I can see
You want to survive, but I don't believe
You want to beat Aircel, Tata Docomo
And even exploit their private zone
But your ‘Happy to Help’ logo merely shrills
Doesn’t give me any friendly thrills
Such cumbersome interaction
doesn't please me a fraction
You fool common man online and in person

Can you hear me scream
I am terribly bored, I want to be released

I don't wish to rhyme
I have no time
I want my money back

You can take back your
Both post-paid lines.

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