Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Strangers give me Fright

Strangers give me fright

When they’re smoking
I see them pull the match,
My heart is beating
They could make me choke
before this smoke is

Something in that smoke
results in fit of coughing
They don’t seem to care,
they keep chain puffing
Even if I faint
they will still be

Strangers give me fright
specially those people
Who may look quite bright
until that moment
Their fingers grope for match
while the cigar hangs limp
Between their lips
and they think they are

Its something in their eyes
which is so frightening
Behind those smoky rings
I see them bleating
I want to punch that lad
till he is black and

If they don’t stop it
Soon I will catch them up
and lock them all in the

Sung to the tune of Frank Sinatra (stranger in the night)


  1. Hahaa! Awesome, I actually tried singing it with Strangers in the Night and what do you know, it works!! :)
    Nice! I agree about these smokers..You can actually see them feeling uncomfortable. Hard to understand why they do it!

  2. hahahahaaa! It is a good rhyme that I like to sing in front of smokers,,and see them get irritated :))


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