Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Ferry Ride

Just few days back I made a short trip in the ferry...and the ride was during the sun set eve-Oh yeah!

The seagull followed us for a long distance, greedy for some more of our popcorn, while the red sun happily posed for my lens as it set down to disappear behind the waves......Lo behold!

I stood, leaning on the railings of the boat, swinging happily on the crest and trough of the sea....La la!

The breeze so strong that I had to hold on and not bend down my knees..Chee chee!

There were tired travelers returning from their hard days work, some fishermen who had fishes that they had caught in their net, and some commuters sipping their tea ..Sip sip!!

I shared the boat with hundred odd people, they too were watching the boats and ships that sailed in front of me....See see!!

In the forty-five minute ride from Mora to Mazgoan, I drifted from an old fishing village to Mumbai South, by sailing across the sea..Yipee!!


  1. Wowww, lovely pics Pushpi...! and i love going on the boat.. have done so many in bby.. going from Colaba to Karanja[where my friend lives now] :)

  2. Yeah...the ride is really very pleasant and its the best route to take if u are going from Colaba to Karanja....u save so much time!!!! :)) btw,,thanks for lieing my pics..i m feeling good...:))hugz


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