Tuesday, December 09, 2014


Laziness and illiteracy is the main reason for crime. 
Moral values should be the foundation of growth; also parents play a very important part. During my childhood, Grandma would tell me story everyday before going to sleep instilling fear for every wrong deed done.
I still remember the pictures grandma would show me of the serious punishments given by Gods for telling lies, carrying tales, cheating, stealing and other vices.
I was always afraid of devils relishing the fritters made of my tasty tongue; grandma said my tongue grew tastier with every lie I spoke and devils would love to feast on it.
There were other pictures too. Of people walking on burning charcoal, of devils riding on your back because they loved you for your crimes. The stories were so strong that they remained at the back of my mind, as the firm reminder during every action that I performed.
I watched others too. Many people lied but I felt sorry for them. In my class 2, I had seen one friend copying from the papers during the exams. I informed the supervisor that he was cheating and he told me to mind my own business. But I knew both were wrong and I was wrong too for carrying tales. I stopped carrying tales because the supervisor did not encourage me. I saw the futility of carrying tales. But the right thing should have been for supervisor to stop the child from cheating. He did not.
Kids believe everything their elders tell them so right stories with moral make a huge difference. They watch elders all the time and record every action for replay. They grow up with values from the environment they grow up in.
I am highly disturbed with the crime committed against women. Abuse and rape is become so common. There is certain desire in men to show their power and boost their ego. They want to punish women for refusing to succumb to their will. Men should be taught to respect women from their early years but then it’s their mindset. If correct values are not instilled in them, it is difficult to control them.

The respect has to come from within, to be able to judge right from wrong.

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