Thursday, March 06, 2014

Pain, My regular Guest

Friend asks "Is your pain gone?"
I ask "Which one?"

The one that pinched me down my waist 

and had me crippled for a week?

Or the one that kept me wide awake 

and wouldn't permit me to eat?

Are you talking about one I had 

when I didn't, all night, sleep a wink?

Or one when you sat next to me 
and you wept bitterly instead of me?

Pain like tourist, visits me,
testing my strength from time to time
Walking, crouching all over me
but never reaching beneath my thought
Its physical, nothing serious, my friend,
Leans against me till I too bend

Soon its retreats
I know it will be back

cause it love me loads

When it comes this time
I hope, 
With force 
to be of a milder tone

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Thank U for this award
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