Sunday, March 06, 2011

Its just pain

Haven’t seen sunshine
for thousand days,
nor seen the flower bloom
on a twine,
I know not
what late night birds hum
nor drank
a cup of wine.
You know not
about my deepest pain,
await I daily for his smile,
the day he could walk
on his own two feet
will be the day
I could breathe for a while.

What was I thinking????

How painful it is for people who have to take care of the terminally ill persons, specially if they are loved ones. One person suffer but he is not alone, his own family suffers with him.

I am reminded of my friend who left her steady income of a secured career to take care of her terminally ill parents. It has been ten years now and she has forgotten to live for herself. No social life, no contact with the world, before she is free from taking care of her parents , she will need somebody else to look after her, cause I fear that she will be deep into then

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Thank U for this award
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