Saturday, April 03, 2010

Bollywood style

Together, they share, cramped up into one room
Strangers in text, their interests divide
He sits to watch TV, while his room-mate croons
Stuffs cotton into her ears to concentrate on her book

Standing back to back, they snarl out of spite
The reptiles filled the room, poisoned by their bite
Over every cup of coffee, they find reasons to fight
The moon hangs its head and hides behind its light

Until one day, on that cold rainy night, he sneezes too loud
Her nerves get a fright; she watches in vain, his health decline
In a Bollywood style, she prays for a while, in church, in mosque
In filmy style, she kneels on knees and crawls for a mile

Hate transforms to love, like it always does, in Hindi films
To be villain till the end is a curse, the hero never dies
The end always shines, the strangers in text
Sings love songs divine.

Together they share, cramped up into one room
Strangers’ no more, lovey-dovey style
Movie-goers happy, their money worth well-spent
Fully satisfied, ear-to-ear, and all smiles

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