Friday, December 04, 2009

It's All in the Days Work

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In the morning I put a comma
In the evening I erase it
All day, round the clock, the words taunt me

They bring me the messages
From flowers and trees
In a basket full of fragrance, I feel pleased

They come in smaller groups
With their sweetest melody
Happiness and love, I hear them teach

On days, when they are blue
They sit crouched outside my door
Sulking and flunking, wanting to be eased

And when they are sad
Weep, wetting my porch
With my hope and balm, they feel relief

On days, when they are cheerful
They are welcomed with some grace
Commas and periods, in calm retreat

On sofas they sit,
Under cabinets, they crawl
The verses and sentences, to each other they greet

It’s all in day’s work
The words are my friends
Metaphors and similes, we all have a feast

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  1. You are a brilliant poet! Such expressions simple yet deep! I re-read yours three times already! Lovely! :0

  2. Nice poem! So do you really work with words? (As in, are you a journalist/editor etc?) Or is this more about your love for writing? :)

  3. it was a very good read, well written, short and nice. I like the first three lines the most

  4. Beautiful Poem ! Loved it..

    Two quotes I read about words seem to linger...

    "..words are the sole arbiter and the final survivor.."

    ".. we tried to move a comma, they push back with a semi-colon.." **

    ** - summary of US's progress in Arab-Israel peace talks in TIME

  5. @ Guria Thank you so much! Sooooo glad that you liked it…

    @ Psych Babbler, Thank you, not a journalist nor an editor…I write for pleasure only and words are my friends….
    Its all in the day’s work

    @Harsha Chitter, Thank you, how many times we edit our work during the day…… 

    @Aneet, Thank you

    @Madhu Rao..thank you, glad u loved it… there are so many inspirations quotes one can write on words.. thanks for sharing your quotes….

  6. Words as a way of life (or if you'd rather, work) is a nice way to be.

    I love that we express ourselves quite articulately considering that until quite recently we were apes(or did we descend from apes?? quite hairy, that ape business, no pun int.)!!!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  7. You really know how to play with words. Beautifully written. It simply says how much you enjoy the language and writing. Glad to have read it.
    All the best! Cheerios!

  8. that was real nice

  9. @Aneet Apes is the history, thank God we are not… 

    @Karthik…Thank you so much…its fun to write on words, always… 

    @Sorcere. .thank you

  10. Nice one and very beautiful concept. Why didn't I ever think of writing about words?
    I enjoyed reading the post.

  11. Thank you Nethra...glad u liked it :))

  12. A short and sweet poem. Made for a nice read...

  13. Anonymous10:49 PM

    Its Words that I think differentiate humans from other beings... and you wrote such a nice poem about your friendship with words....

  14. Hi.

    A very endearing and a positive, optimistic post. There's a certain innocence to your writing that's very engaging.

    Good luck to you!

  15. Amazing poem!!
    And a very beautiful, creative thought for this topic!!
    Liked it!! :)

  16. Thank You Roshmi for your kind words..:)

    Thank you dmanji..its the words that do all the talking for us…. :)

    @Shalini…sooooo glad u liked it…..:)

    @Shilpa….thank you so much for visiting my page :)

  17. simple, happening yet intriguing...
    Beautifully written...
    liked it :)

  18. You look like one of those natural poets! Awesome work..And I must say, your entire blog is a revelation..Will keep visiting!


  19. If you haven't already must watch Dead poets society...

    nice work.

  20. U r damn creative yaar!!
    Loved this poem asusual!! Also the first 3 lines was awesome!!

  21. @Mahesh Kalaal..Thank you sooo much, glad u liked it....

    @Preeti...OOh! I would luv visit me..Thank you so much!!

    @Gyanbhai...dead poet?? do tell me about it???

    @Shruti...Thank you soooo much!!!!

  22. Like gyanban said .. watch "dead poets society" ... anyways ... had to read it twice for safe measure

    nice work

  23. Dead Poets society is a Robin Williams classic...carpe diem was such a big hit. Must watch.

  24. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Generally i dont like poetry, but yours got me hooked~!

  25. @naveen- what safe measure??? thanks a lot :)

    @Gyanban - thanks for the link...didn't know abt it..but quite interesting....must watch soon... :)

    @Scratchyoursoul - I am touched!! thank you soooooo much!!

  26. This is so lovely...words that haunt you, words that taunt you...

  27. Thank you Ozy...they taunt and haunt just like r our friends do... :))


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