Saturday, September 26, 2009

Greetings to Preeti Bose

For a friend, Preeti Bose, whose every status post on FB is poetic verse. I think she deserves something written especially for her in a poetic language that she understands..

So, when the opportunity arise to wish her on her birthday, my muse swings with joy and sings a special verse on her special day:

"The white face of moon blushes turning deeeep red, reading your lines. as u play with your words unfolding the nakedness of a verse, it turns its head slightly, shyly. wishing you well on your great day......I push the moon aside cause its now my turn to wish u......
Happy Birthday..May your muse shine upon u."

And why not?

She writes so beautifully.... I luv it...Once she wrote:

"I wish to reach out
and touch your smile
for now, will gently caress
my memory of you.
wonder if you are in the know
when we walk together
fondness walks next to us,
in that sinuous aisle
of a make-believe world......."

......and many more of her beautiful poems are there on her blog.

so an ordinary birthday greeting won't do, na?

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Thank U for this award
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