Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Copy-paste is easy way
To escape from
Tumbling thoughts and
Risk damage to my nerves

Why break my spine
When facts are out there
Carefully logged by some one
with better wit than I

I would rather use my mind
To plan my progress
Towards my next station
Of comfort

If you force me to write
That does not move me
Nor stir any chord within me
I will copy-paste for you
Wrap it with a ribbon
Of great new idea
And present it to you

You must not nitpick
Nor carp my verse
Cause you were too lazy to
Research it yourself

Truth is out there
Millions years old
Reshuffled, churned, dyed,
Squeezed, battered, recycled

I did not want to touch it
Nor feed my own core
You forced me, knowing not
That I had a mind of my own
That celebrated each moment
With a new untouched goal

Just for me, I sing
The original love song of my soul


  1. Pushy,
    I think you should Copy Paste the feedback from S&C here :-)

  2. heheheehe..or maybe post a link here....:)


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Thank U for this award
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