Monday, September 07, 2009

Blog Swapped Into Pockets of Inspiration

If you like this

Or this

then you must visit Pockets of Inspiration a blog which has lots of great ideas to keep your self busy on a rainy day when, (even your computer does not cooperate) and you are able to while away your time producing beautiful, creative stuff from the materials such as paper and odds and ends.

I stumbled upon this blog when I signed for blog swap at netblogging. What was a poet like me doing at art corner? Well, poets get inspired by anything that moves (or doesn’t move).

During the time away from my poetry, when my muse looked for inspiration, Melanie’s blog appeared in blog swap and here I am, hooked for days, learning the tricks into another creative world……at

I love this blog because it is meant to offer inspiration for creating your own works of art with the use of rubberstamps.

And I am loving it….

Do visit Melanie's blog and enjoy the joys of inspirations. I am going back to her blog, come on, come along........

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Thank U for this award
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