Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Memorable Moment

And then she smiled, one more time
Through her broken teeth
Wrinkles deepening on her face
She glanced at me
Then tilted her head
Happy and assured that this one shot
Would be preserved forever
In the lens
Of my memory lane

She stretched her palm
Bony and withered with age
To hold the camera
And see the image
Of her beautiful face

She sat on a bed
Unable to move
Feet curled under her lap
Her eyes searching me
Focusing for recognition
Of a forgotten face

Still uncertain
Asked me
Whether she looked good
Or was she better
In good ole days
When she was young
Had creaseless smile
And could even walk
Without a cane


  1. Well written...captures the affection real well

  2. :) did i read this on FB?its beautiful... the pic is soo sweet...

  3. Nicely written. The snap at the top was a great touch. Its always good to read something imaginative yet rooted in reality.


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