Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Go To Hell!!!!!

Pink, not Red, is color
I shall wear
As a pub-going, loose woman,
You say, that I am

In the biggest democracy
Around the world
Will you still infringe
on my private land?

Go to Hell! Go to Hell!
You bully, old man
You can’t roughen me
I am tough,
Don’t you dare!

Whisky, Rum
I share with my friends
I clap for boozers
Who dare to bare

I'll hold his hand
And peck his neck
I will call my Valentine
In the backyard of your tent

It is the day
For you
To hide your skin
If you peep
from your window
You will face
pepper can

You will see your troops
On their knees, they beg
I bought some ‘Rakhis’
to tie on their legs

Go to Hell! Go to Hell!
You bully, old man
Don’t make silly rules
Grow up, old man

*There were many contests held during the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in Mumbai in February 2009,. During that time, we all were frustrated by threats imposed by Muthalik for Valentine day, and in that frustration I had written this lyric and posted for the contest on 'Lyric writing'.*

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  1. Beautiful - straight from the heart.


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