Friday, November 28, 2008

You can rot in Hell!

You keep a gun on weak shoulders
And shoot
Do you gloat when you see the innocent blood?
I know not what you accomplish
By spreading your hate
You think you have brains
To mastermind a perfect plot
But, you are a total failure
A waste product
You could have used your brain, instead
To upgrade the prosperity of your men
Hate for hate
Eye for an eye
Has made you blind
To see or feel the real compassion
You are drowned in deep abyss of annihilation
There is no hope for you
Alas! You will never know a real love
Nor the sparkles of happiness
How can you?
Soiled is your soul
In muck of dark violence
It is guilt that will haunt you
And you will never understand the true
Joys of smile
Never ever!

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Thank U for this award
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