Thursday, May 10, 2007

Critic- a critical issue.

Criticism is a moot, or so it may seem to be. It is a difficult thing to accept it even if it is true and it tends to hurt the sentiments of the person who had least expected it.

But in all rights, it should be acceptable because if the work is not to its standard, and we seal the mouth of a well-wisher, be it friend or a stranger, with a strip of anger and disgust, we stand as a lone loser. The opinion will still be expressed, in our absence, in the group of comedians, who might have a hearty laugh at our short-comings, and we may never know.

By braving an honest critic, we get a chance to defend our self and learn to respect each others different point of view. Yes I agree, sometimes the blows are real hard, we bend over in shame, we may even cry for days, or try to scheme ways to seek revenge and to get even. But that doesn’t help; it does dawn on you, eventually, that the truth must be faced.

But, sometimes it is difficult to deal with those critics who are there to seek attention. Sometimes a critic can be very cruel and is looking for a killing field. It may be due to his inability to produce his own good work, or maybe his focus of looking at things is at ninety degrees away from yours, or simply, because, he fails to register the message that we wished to convey.

So, how do we deal with such a situation? Do we strike back and get even? Or, we simply ignore and let it pass? If we strike back, we stand as a loser. The groups that witness these outbursts get an entertainment for free. If we ignore it, we fan his intentions and he will be back with some more.

The best solution, I think, would be to expose these dishonest critics sincerely, without malice. If we catch someone intentionally trying to undermine us, we can eliminate their unscrupulous tactics by exposing him.

By keeping an open mind, we will eventually, learn to stand on our own two feet without stepping on other people’s toes and we can avoid being hurt or causing hurt.

Who is the winner? Time will tell.

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  1. Today we celebrate a beautiful love that
    Started more than 50 years ago.
    A love that started as a love together
    That produced four thorns and a rose.
    A love that touched their friends, family, and their children.
    They taught the meaning of love to us as a commitment
    And to communicate and to have care for one another.
    They suffered with us and broken bones,
    Stuffy noses, and cost of love lost.
    They taught us not to be the one to throw the stone,
    Unless prepared to pay for a broken window.That happiness wasn't only in a happy meal
    At mcdonalds of course moms favorite
    treat after we already ate. 50 years
    how many words could we use to express
    The learning we obtained from them.
    We tried to obey at the cost of many
    false friends all the better they
    only wanted trouble for us anyway.
    We have a value in a family
    we have teachers that encourage us with
    Love for God, country, family and our selves.
    God gave us breath,
    life and parents To let us grow
    and how to love each other better. We may
    Not ever get gold metals but we have gold
    Metal parents more than any one could want.
    Timothy J McAuliffe


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