Saturday, April 14, 2007

Word’ly World……

Pain in misery
Gain in beauty
go through life
Round and round
He splashes ink
and feels the misery
With extended curves
A new beauty
I find.

The words that connect
Those extreme ends
Make me think
in lazy times.
Seeing power of his pen
I can’t help
but post to him those
happy sighs.

He smiles,
I connect
We compromise.
his words have now
A new meaning
Half misery, half beauty
For me it’s fine
Will analyze it
When I have time

I walk ahead
A corner turned
yes, I too see a narrow path
and I smile to myself,

I step into
a cave that
have words
crawling, sliding
all over the walls,
some falling and
meeting the metaphors
on the floor while
others run
to meet the puns,
I pick them up and
swing them into my palm,
juggle them up,
one by one
shape them again,
Smoothen them
Leave them free
to express themselves on a
Blank slate

The words begin to dance
As love words embrace
The emotion words,
They rock and roll,
Twist and turn, up and down,
Intoxicated, with supportive,
Lively, lyrical words
The cave is filled with
laughter words and
giggling words
as humor doubles
on its knees
And then
stamp upon
and crush some of those
rude words
and forget
to say
sorry, please..

Rude words join
with angry words,
they form a gang and
call their friends,
terrorist words, dacoit words,
killer words, confused words
all emerge from dark, deep crevices,
In huge rallies they walk across,
Abuses, tempers, flying high,
loud echoes resonating
noisy, destructive clouds emerges
surrounding me
suffocating me

I sit there immersed
In careless pool of words
feeling chained in,
try to break free,
but unable to move
trapped like a sardine
in quarantine

Seeing my confusion,
they tie me up and
drag me from the cave
to a open space,
pull me over
up the hill and
with a sharp kick
of a strong, bully word
in to my bruised butt
Push me hard
down the cliff.

Down, down , down
I see my body float
as I wake up with a jolt
from my hazy dream
of word’ly world.

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