Thursday, April 05, 2007

It's not a sin!

To steal and win is not a sin
If innocence was the cause

Would tell a lie and walk a mile
to save the truth from pain

Would kill a moron and not regret
If he/she deserved to die

Will forge a dream and wash it clean
It’s not a sin. Don’t preach!

I count my breath, upside down
Am I stamping on your soul?

I have my own goals to spin
Your sermons mar my moods

I am but Almighty’s tool
Through whom He plays His games.

No act is sin, there is no type.
It’s a perspective of your mind.

You break my heart, now hear me swear
Won’t match my smile with yours

I need for skeletons, an open space
Won’t lock them in shameful way

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Thank U for this award
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