Friday, March 09, 2007

We don’t grow wings on woman’s day

She shrieked with pain
From his showers of blows
One, two, ONE,TWO
Fash! Boom! Doom!
Then Black out!

Anything to report ma’am?
Said the officer.
Nothing! Sir!
I missed my step.

Same story repeated
year after year
across the continents
dipped in tears

Women go unrecognized
Just a few are cheered
success is for those
who are loud and clear

Why do you treat women
As property of man?
Essential are both for balancing
equal parts of a clan.

Circumstances of cobbler and judge
are clearly different
But equality of a human,
cannot be different

So why punish women for their sex?
Under sun, we share
same bandwidth
and strengths

Man chooses to be cruel
towards his fellow man
And when he's done
Turns towards the woman

Demonize, Punish, Humiliate
She who cannot or will not protest
Being oppressed by someone
For being the "weaker sex"

Give us power and our rights today
We don’t grow wings on woman’s day
Not for once in a year, at a time
We need to celebrate everyday of our life

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Thank U for this award
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