Monday, March 26, 2007

Play that music for me

Can you hear the birds sing?
They, like me, rejoice
Your fragrance replaces
These gloomy moods
So glad to see you again

Wipe that tear off your eye
I am not in too much pain
Sing me that note of other day
Make me feel divine

Strum the chords of love once more
Strum it like you used to
Play that music soft or fragile
Tune me to your moods

To this silence, pay no heed
Pain can rest for a while
Bandaged eyes can hear well
Sing away these blues

From your fingers, let notes escape
Let them walk all over me
Strum the chords of my soul
And hear my heart reply

I am bamboo-ed on to my knees
But my heart dances tonight
Play that music, hum that song
Let silence go to sleep.


  1. Anonymous6:53 AM

    hi pushpa

    enjoyed your poem. quite sensual. The only jarring word I felt was 'bandaged' but who cares for so called poetic words, true feelings are what matters.

    go with the flow

  2. I am glad u liked my poem...Thank you so much!

  3. Well-Written!



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