Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Report on "World Disability day" dec 06

To celebrate the ‘World Disability’ day on 3nd December, a sport day was organized by Jillah Prashad of Thane distract and hosted by Swami Brahmanand school on Saturday, 2nd of December. Thirty-three special schools of Thane district participated in the sport event that was held in ‘Father Agnel Multipurpose School’ ground in Vashi. Nearly 400 children participated in different events. The event started with ‘March Past’ by all the 33 participating school followed by the lighting of the ‘torch run’ by two students, Ms Laxmi Shetty and Namita Jadhav , (who are selected for the Special Olympics, International, to be held in Shanghai, October2007). The event was declared open by releasing of the balloons in the air.

Different events such as running, soft ball throw, running long jump and shot put were organized for MR children and Hearing impaired children. A special event, ‘Throw ball on wheel chair’, was organized for paraplegics. There was also event conducted for deaf-blind, and orthopedic ally handicapped. Nearly 800 present included children, teachers, volunteers, Medical team, parents and guests. All were given breakfast, lunch, fruits and heath drink. Medals of Gold, silver and bronze were given to the winners. All the students, who participated in the event, were given a gift (hamper bag containing tetra pack of fruit drink and a biscuit packet) Participating trophies were given to all the schools and the ‘Rotating’ trophy was earned by Nakoda school in Bhiwandi (hearing Impaired) and Savitribai school for MR in Bhiwandi. All, who were present, enjoyed the program which started at 9am and ended at 6 pm.

To observe the ‘World Disability’ day, another cultural program was also organized by Navi Mumbai Muncipal corporation on 3rd December. Our students performed Qawali and dance for the program.

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Thank U for this award

Thank U for this award
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