Sunday, September 24, 2006

I, me, Myself

Here I go on an ego trip! Coz we live in the plastic world. Ppl never agree with us. when we praise ourselves, ppl will tell us to shut up and stop being conceited and when we say that we are just another ordinary person, a big failure, have achieved nothing in life, and the same ppl will disagree and add that u r their idol and how much they admire your courage and strength!! Such is the world we live in!!!

My favorite cousin tells me that I have an Attitude. And I am happy that I have an attitude because Attitude is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than what people do or say. It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill.

I m very self respecting person, I don’t like to take favors from any body, and like to run my own life at my own risk. I don’t like to depend on any body for anything. I don’t like ppl to impose rules on me. I don’t like ppl to feel sorry for me although I do take advantage of the certain privileges to make my life easier. For example I don’t stand in any long queues! Or, I do accept a seat with a smile in the crowded buses or trains!

I go out of my way to make ppls life easier if I can. Many ppl ask me what is there in it for me? Why am I helping them?. I don’t expect anything in return. although I do get special pleasure in helping ppl. It boosts my ego. I don’t expect ppl to call me and ask abt my well being. If somebody won’t talk to me, or ignore me or be embarrassed in my company, then I don’t impose myself on them. I don’t get offended by cold attitudes of some persons and I accept ppl as they r and I expect them to accept me as I am!

I am shy of making new friends and I never make the first move because I am afraid of rejection. I don’t choose friends but my friends choose me. My friends enjoy my company. They like my sense of humor and my happy-go-lucky nature. They are always reachable when I need them. When ever I need to go for a film, or shopping, or just for a small walk, I am always assured of a company. I always have some joke or some interesting thing to talk about. Sometimes I get away with some bitchy remarks because I say it all in good humor. I am very frank person. If I have a problem with anybody, I prefer to talk to the person concerned. I tell them rite away and then forget abt it. I don’t nurse grudges. But I don’t like to criticize or talk abt ppls shortcomings in their absence. I don’t like ppl with double standards. I am very honest person and don’t lie even to save face. Sometimes ppl get put off by my blunt remarks. i don’t like ppl who lie or make false promises.

I cannot stand injustice. If anything is wrong or illegal, I openly voice my opinion. My society members respect my opinion and I often take an active part in the society affairs. I live in a friendly neighborhood and we live like one large family.

Whenever I go for shopping, I am very embarrassed if ppl bargain or haggle over the price. I prefer to shop at ‘Fixed price’ stores. I usually buy vegetables and fruits from the vendors who come home. I never bargain or argue for few rupees with the vegetable or fruit seller. If they r overcharging, I take it in my stride, justifying that at least they are not begging and they r giving me service by bringing it to my house. I never encourage beggars. I am sympathetic only towards old ppl who r helpless and have nobody to look after them.

I have a lousy housemaid. In last 3 years I have changes 6 of them but now I have come to a conclusion that they are all same. They work only for money and cleanliness is not their priority. That is why I help my maid with the cleaning instead of yelling at her. And therefore I have good relation with my maid.

My life is comfortable although I was more comfortable when I lived with my brother’s fmly in Spain for 10 years. I was materialistically very happy, but the problem is that my brother stays in a remote and hilly regions of Canary Islands and though the scenery and climate was perfect, but I was not able to move about freely. I chose to stay on my own in Mumbai because I love my freedom.

Maybe, there are ppl out there who might criticize me, or may dislike me for the reason known best to them. But I like to live a good life and to be sincere and capable in everything that I do. I lead my own life buried in my own activities such as reading, drawing, painting, handicraft, watching TV or listening to radio. I am never lonely because I am never alone. Chatting and surfing on the computer is my favorite pastime.
I enjoy the company of fun loving ppl and I love to go for a film or lunch with them. Life is fair to me and I am very happy, self sufficient and contended person…touch wood!!!

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Thank U for this award
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