Sunday, October 09, 2016

Shifting Back To New Home

Two years ago, 
I had moved out of my home
That I had built  over the memories of many years

There was pain..
A deep wound 
while discarding the materialistic attachments 
Accumulated over the years

Separation is never easy..
BUT the old must may make way for the new..

We have to shed off 
Load of karma 
to find freedom
From excess baggage

Building has been redeveloped now
Invites me to come back

I shall move in
Back to my familiar neighbourhood..
The shades under the trees 
Lining my lane 
Are cooler now
(some older by two years)

Same smiling faces 
Outside my main door..
In the lobby, 
In the lift, 
In the building compound

But the walls of my house are cold
Very cold..
They know me not
They have a new name, 
A new soul, 

I will have to start all over again, 
Building my relationships 
With the newness of the building..
Kiss the walls..
Add some warmth 
Transform this house into my own home...

A new beginning has just begun
I have to start planting new seeds of memories
Once again

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Thank U for this award
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