Thursday, April 23, 2015

Poetry Challenge Month Day Thirteen IF Only I Could Sleep At Night

If only I could sleep at night
Morning seems far away
The train rattles softly over the rails
Fear engulfs me when I hear soft murmurs
Of strangers, heart skips a beat
Child lets out a loud shrill
His mother fast asleep

Rat scurry on the floor nibbling at food
Dropped carelessly
Silent night, the train has stopped
I look through window, see isolated scene
A hooded man sits with bend head, sips hot coffee
He, like me, cannot sleep

A distant bell, a soft jerk under my seat
The train moves slowly over the tracks
I sit up straight, plug on to my ipad
And float away to distant world
Eyes may droop, attention collapse
Reading might thoughtfully induce sleep

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Thank U for this award
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