Saturday, April 18, 2015

Poetry Challenge Month Day Nine Incredible Woman

Incredible Woman

How easy is the chore of lady-writer
Who sits bent over her keypad, with a script in her head
She hears not the rain, nor a splash in the puddle
Sees not the droplets slide down the windowpane
She cooks up stories, stirring up her dreams
Mixing soup of fiction, nonfiction to suit the reality

The facts must be researched, nonfiction to be believed
She uncurls from the comfort corner, walks away from her desk
She walks through living room, picking up mess
Peeps into kitchen, to check if family is fed.
A hole in the socks, a broken heel
Clueless about being shoeless
She meets real people on the streets

There are strangers, women, children, often, dirty ole men
Who stare at her breast and try holding her hand
She keeps her mind focused, her posture erect
Her fingers cupped over sharp knife placed inside her bag
A smile stretched over her beautiful face
She collects untold stories with hidden facts

Five years of research, sometimes ten,
Like God, she puffs life into her characters, makes them wise
She makes them breathe, they begin to talk
A new world is created behind her scripted task
Her own world forgotten, her soul kept on hold
A faded shout from somewhere dark
She can hear no more

Incredible woman of substance
Has many duties to perform
But she does it with a knack
Always comfortable in her own zone

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