Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Child Needs Respect

What kind of love is that when you beat the child black and blue to put your point across? Abuse him openly for every mistake he commits?
Child should never be the target of frustrations. He is a mini adult and has enough sense to understand and differentiate right from wrong. Child then learns to make excuses to escape punishment. Instead of screaming and shouting at the child, thinking he/she is deaf, a soft tone of communication works wonders. A child needs valid reason for refusal, a child needs respect, and he/she is not stupid.
People tell me that I don’t understand children because I have none of my own. What do I know about discipline? They tell me that only the mother knows best. Yes, I agree, mothers do know the best for their child. But every woman can understand the feeling of a child, irrespective of whether they have the real experience of nurturing children or not.
Passion is the only language children understand.
He may grow up to hate the world because the people he trusted the most (his own beloved parents) betrayed him.
The child who is subjected to violence and abuse in his childhood will grow up to be violent too. He/she may develop many other vices too, stealing, cheating and even rape too, because that will give him a sense of power, a fuel for revenge and anger that was buried down in his subconscious level.
And then parents will wonder where did they go wrong?

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