Monday, April 29, 2013

April Challenge Day 29 Dear Sir With Love

It may

An expat came visiting me
Clicked he not pictures of me
Instead he went touring my city
Clicking garbage and sewage obscene
He says,
“India is the dirtiest city he has ever seen
Don’t you have enough funds to keep it clean?”

I sweep my eyes over
Not too extraordinary for me
Not the stink
Nor the filth
This is very normal 
I think

Ground is painted artistically red
With Paan stains that my countrymen spat
Browned are the walls with urine and mess
Trees on the road are dusty, never fresh
To discard a paper
No bin for miles on street
It is slippery to use Public toilets
Too much water overflow from sink

Wild pigs, dogs, mountain goats,
And sometimes even cows,
They always sit in the middle of busy road,
Chewing on a cud, relaxed
Expat says,
“Why you Indian are vegetarians?
Why do your people starve?
Catch those fearless
Animals on streets and
Cook them for your lunch

Is there something I could do?
Change habits of my countrymen
If only I could
Give me some solution
My city is no zoo

Give me a clean city
Let me breathe fresh air too
Use our tax money wisely
Show me that you care 

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Thank U for this award
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