Monday, April 01, 2013

April Challenge - day 1 - Water

Lyrics she hummed, he sang
While stepping on key notes
Music that he had composed
Spilled all over the floor
Rhythm floating under his fingers
Washed away her blues

Dazed, they watched the sky turn blue
Birds too began to sing
He strummed the music, snapped his fingers
It’s the same love song from her notes
Stretched lazily she, on the floor
In a serene compose

Somewhere far away, the water composed
The music under a sparkling blue
Sky, it’s rhythm of ecstasy, floored
The village maidens who loved to sing
While they worked in fields and wrote notes
At night, before washing off the dirt under their fingers

The rain roared, splashing water, fingered
On the strings of nature, wind stood composed
At the end of the stream, creating notes
Into the ripples of a pond, flowers red and blue
Nodded their heads, dancing and singing  
On shiny, wet floors

When the water is abundant above sea floor
Level, happiness envelops every ring finger
With stories from their memories, the heart begins to sing
The sun, the moon, the winds compose
To warm the soul with sentimental warming notes
Nobody feels blue

It’s been months, since the sky whorled dark blue
Tinge, tectonic hunger fissured beneath the dirt floor
Water is scarce; no new notes
To share, dreams slip out through fingers
World spins kaleidoscopic, still air stand composed
In depression and anger, sadly sings

Trembling notes quivered under their fingers
When rain stopped wetting floors, how could they compose?
They began to feel blue, had no love tunes to sing

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Thank U for this award
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