Monday, March 18, 2013

A Graceful Dance

There is breathless
Hush in the close
I see you move
Unaware of
Sound and fury of
My pride

Like a peacock
Spreading its wings
You dance to the rhythm

Nobody guessed 
your struggle of
Stiff bones
And unstable mind

It was not easy
Many times 
I almost died
To see you fall
After few graceful steps
On the floor
Unable to arise

Remember I said
“You cannot do
Leave it,
This art is not for you”
You blinked, confused when
I packed your anklets
Kept them aside

I blamed myself
For dreaming on a star
Guilt stunk me like a thorn
I could not mould you
Into perfection
Of a happy child

But today, 
Wide-eyed I watched
Through my night-smudged vision
You moved
Twisted and twirled
To a rhythm of your soul
Pulsing my heart
With melody 
that cut like a knife

I could only hear
Audience around me
Applaud many times.

Tears blind me

I see you shine

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Thank U for this award
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