Thursday, May 05, 2011

God waits for his turn

Early morning
The golden rays filters through the window panes,
Bringing the end to cold wintery nights

She stretches out her hand
To reach for her smart phone
With droopy eyes, hard to focus,
She reads the message that was posted last night.
Smiles back at each message one by one,
Then logs on to share her verse
Tweet, tweet she goes on twitter

Walking towards face-book, renews her status update
Glides through yahoo to check her email
Surfing on chat-page with family and friends
Googles on news to confirm what she just heard.

Morning prayers postponed by many hours,
God waits for his turn and wonders
“Why he gave such intelligence to a man?”

The old farmer is better,
He admires the wild rose by the beach
Plough his land with fresh seeds
And seeks his blessing every hour, all week

Wrote for Thursday Poets Rally


  1. so lovely and worth pondering. we might be losing the connection just when we thought that it's within click. blessings to you :)

  2. Jingle8:30 AM

    thought provoking.
    welcome and have fun.

  3. Thank you so much!!


  4. Anonymous11:33 AM

    nice! very well done! awesome! :P)

  5. An interesting take on modern communication and the most ancient one.

  6. interesting write, flows nicely

  7. The "she" in the poem is you itself? :D Beautiful poem, flows well.. Nice one Pushpee!

    My Poets Rally Poem

  8. plead guilty *covers face*


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