Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Virtual Chat

Thousand miles away
You cry away
Weeping for help
Screaming through my blackberry
These sleekly mobile phones
Without a heart
‘PMS’ you say
And I laugh
Inexperienced that I am
Can relate naught
I speak of other things
Typing silly jokes
But you are not entertained
Self pity blankets you
Hiding the world
Beyond your discomfort
My insensitivity irks you
And you snap back in anger
With your words in caps
To silence me
But neither you nor I are mute
We return
You apologize
For the moods you cannot control
And I, for my insensitivity towards your pain
(c) pushpee

Exercise: 99 - CaPoWrMo - Day 21 (poem in 99 words)

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Thank U for this award
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