Friday, November 20, 2009

Dedicated to my cousin on her 60th birthday

For your big day
I wrote a lovely tune
But it got buried
Underneath a big tomb

So one day, sat I
With my thoughts and wishes
To extract that tune
From the heap full of richness

Slowly unfolding
The layers of the verse
Songs exposed within were
Of your kindness and your love

One song I remember
Had fragrance of your cooking
With bloated tummy we sat
Overeating, lip-smacking

Another was laced
With your laughter and your grace
That reverberated across miles
Do you remember the embrace?

Verses spoke of your concern
Were shared by everyone
Questioning, periodically
You asked if all was well

Deeply concerned
To bring comfort and charm
At very tiny injury you were
Greatly alarmed

Cared you may not
For your own little joys
But happiness you could give
To those whom you surround

On this your milestone day
Of your 60 odd years
My wishes overloads
With joyous happy tears

May you always be the one
Who is pleasant and nice
A sister, soft spoken
With a tag of 24k gold price.

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Thank U for this award
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