Sunday, July 26, 2009

Script-writing - Auto Rickshaw


SMITA looks worriedly at the auto driver (PAKIYA) as he drives through the congested roads of Mumbai. There is a big queue under the subway and there are lots of cars honking continuously.

Why have you taken this route?
I told you that I was in hurry.

This is the shortest route Ma’am
We will reach soon.

Soon? You really think so? Huh?
Don’t you know that the traffic
Hardly ever moves here, we can
reach soon only if the traffic
moves. Here it only crawls.

Have patience Ma’am, there is red
Signal there, as soon as the
light turns green, the traffic will ease.

I had told you that I have to reach
Goregoan early and you are delaying
me by taking me through this congested

Every darn street is crowded in
Mumbai Ma’am, What do I do?

You should have taken the express highway

Ha! And you think that express highway
is not crowded? It is more crowded
than the Link- roads. Ma’am?

Smita looks out of the auto and sees a big queue of traffic behind her. There is no space to make an U_turn. There are more cars double-parked in the lane ahead of her. People are crossing the streets and squeezing through the traffic; children are skipping and walking between the autos.

You auto-drivers are all stupid.
I wish you guys had brains and
could make proper judgments and
knew which route would be easier
to follow.

The traffic begins to moves and PAKIYA rev up his auto to drive ahead. Soon, the traffic eases and he starts to drive faster and reaches the express highways.

Look! Be careful, you are driving
too fast. Why cant you drive slowly,
you could cause an accident and then
you will be sorry.

Okay, can you please shut up and
let me drive peacefully?

Shut up? Did you say ‘Shut up’?
huh? Aren’t you supposed to be
polite to your passengers?

Ha! Polite? You expect me to be
polite when you chew my brains
with your yakitti yak yak . If
you interfere and distract me
what do you expect me to do?

SMITA adjusted her purse and brings it close to her chest, staring at him through his mirror in front of his auto.

Stop the auto now, I said stop
the auto now.

Pakiya continues to drive, revving up the speed even faster, looking straight at the road ahead and honking and driving on

Are you deaf? I said stop the auto now

She looks out of auto and starts waving her hand to the passing traffic

Help! Help! Somebody help, I am getting kidnapped!!!

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