Saturday, June 13, 2009

Random Thoughts on Heart and Mind

There a direct link between the state of heart and state of mind. Whenever we are disturbed and agitated, we cannot concentrate and we lose interest in everything. Our mind is all the time preoccupied with worry and we cannot find solutions. We have no interest in food, play or in any other sensual activities. What do we do? Will talking to people help?

I think not. Talking will not help. I think nobody can help us. People might be sympathetic to us, try to give us some solutions and might even try to pacify us but they cannot help us overcome our agitation. Only we can help ourselves.

First and foremost, it is important that we don’t expect any kind of help from anybody, people standing by us in good times and in bad times is a myth, nobody can really help us, and we must solve our own problems and learn to deal with it. There are many things in life that we cannot change, so why do we struggle in trying to change them? Isn’t it wise to just accept it? Okay, we can try to do our bit to change the situation but that is all we can do. Only try, whether we succeed or not should not be the cause of our agitation, we cannot expect others to do what we think is right.

For example, there is so much corruption around us. Everybody is out to cheat us. They expect bribery and will make things difficult for us if we do not oblige. So what do we do? If bribery and corruption is against our principle, we stick to it and not encourage it and face the discomfort. We can do our bit by standing firm by our principals and face the consequences. But can we stop our friends to stand by our principles? No. We cannot. They have to make their own choice. Every body has their own priorities and it depends how they train their intellect. If they make wrong choices, it is because their mind is weak or is fast-a-sleep. They have to awaken their power of reasoning so that their mind decides what is right.

We all have to do our own obligatory duties; we cannot expect fruits for every action that we make, but what needs to be done, should be done. If our concentration is shifted from our duty to do what is necessary, to expecting fruit for our action, the quality of our work will suffer. And quality is the most important factor in our life, with quality, we can attain class, with class come satisfaction of doing the right thing and the happiness follows, filling our world with sunshine and warmth.

For maintaining a healthy balance between our mind and heart, it is important to do what is right and not agitate our intellect by compressing it against our senseless desires.

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