Thursday, October 16, 2008

Long Time No See No Joy On This Street

Long time no see that kid called Sam
Missed, are cheeks dimpled and thick brown hair

Here was his home of beautiful brownstones
Lined with hedges of green and purple tones

The lively curvy lanes, till the end of this street
Had Sam and his friends happily share their dreams

From dawn to dusk, they passed their time
Running, sprinting behind fluttering butterflies

Sam´s favourite spot, hidden beneath that Banyan tree
Where he would people-watch, cross-legged, relaxed

Smiling and twinkling stars humoured him a lot
Till the day, he heard a loud, shattering blast

Two men on bike dropped a lethal plastic purse
Sam went shouting,¨Uncle, come back! You have left your pouch.¨

Stunned, he was, by the bright light in his eyes
His skull and his muscles, crumbled and sliced

His limbs went flying over that Banyan tree
Fleshy mince crowned hedges like inflated beads

Lively, curvy lanes were charred, completely browned
Friends of Sam were nowhere to be found.

Long time no see no soul on this street
Just a quivering blind woman under that Banyan tree

She caresses the shredded, soiled shirt of Sam
That had covered comforting shoulders and lent her a hand

Long time no see no peace on this street
Just a blanket of red blood and deserted beneath

Long time no see no smile on any face
Just helpless innocent brothers killed by
Cruel, irrational and the disgraced

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Thank U for this award
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