Monday, June 11, 2007

Attitude is all that matters!

We can excel in what we do, by simply setting our goals and striving to reach them. Many people have low self esteem and cannot believe that they can do everything if only they tried harder.

My friend has bought a car, but cannot muster enough courage to drive it herself. She joined the driving lessons, but one small scratch at the butt of her car and she won’t ride it. That means that she needs a driver all the time. It is very important to believe in yourself. One fall should not discourage us from walking an extra mile.

Life is full of ups and down and each day, we are learning new skills. To master the skill, we need dedication, disciple and willingness to learn. We start scribbling the minute we have a pen in our hand, no thought, no art is required for scribbling. But if we have to make a proper sensible sentence, we need to learn the art of writing, the art of putting our ideas across.

In a strange country, we are able to communicate with the locals by gestures and few sounds, but to understand and have an inter-active conversation; we need to polish our language skills. The greater the desire to communicate, the faster is our learning ability. There is no substitute for formal, systematic training.

Ability when subjected to systematic training becomes proficiency.

Substitute ‘I cannot’ with ‘I can’
Let negativity leave from back door
There is nothing that is beyond our wave-length
If we have our attitude and willingness to learn

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Thank U for this award
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