Monday, December 25, 2006

welcome to India!

Are You visiting me? are you coming

to my wonderful land….My India…I am very sure that you will love it! As you experience and explore the unique flavors of my land, its memories will cling to you for many years! Beautiful memories! I am sure of that!

Yes I agree, India is famous for 3P’s : Poverty, Population, Pollution. But that is not what one should define India. Their hospitality and love will entertain you; their smile will brighten your day and the food; (hmmnn) you will love it.

Be sure to try our mouthwatering kababs and roasted chicken in the narrow alleys or the pani puris and bhelpuri at the beaches or the batata wadas at the railway stations. We have roadside tea-stalls that sell flavored tea

Be sure to visit our Gods in our temples. We have Him in different costumes, and in different shapes but All have their mystic powers that will bless you everyday!

And of course, enjoy at least one bollywood film! You can learn a tune or two and take back with you to relate to your friends!

Happy holidays!

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Thank U for this award

Thank U for this award
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