Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Stop Smoking! Please!


You puff to celebrate
A happy moment
Or hide a bitter regret
When you are alone
Or with your friends
For your senses, it’s a joy.
You love to watch
A flame spurt up
Bathing its warmth
You happily play
With spiral rings
And watch them to enjoy.


Smoke rings from your puff
Inflame my lungs
Loathe my eye
Harms my brain
Tingles my nose
Smell my clothes
There is too much stink
Can’t sleep a wink
Baby is sleeping
Doors are shut
It’s disgusting
My throat hurt too much
Doctors warned me
My health is dim.


I think
You should
Quit smoking
So that
You and I can

Pushpa@nov 06

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Thank U for this award
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