Saturday, November 25, 2006

I wish.........

I wish
I could weave a tapestry of words
To spin a story
Like you do.

Like you
I would swim into turbulent waters
Gliding gracefully
Through crowd of fools
With soft spoken words
That pierce like a sword
I would dive to search
Some powerful tools.

Like you
I would walk down the memory lane
To pick some strands
Of emotional blues.
I would sift them through
my sieve of mind
And try to patch
the hidden clues.

Like you
I would stroll under open skies
To bathe in winds
Of happiness too.
I would wash off worries
iron out frowns
And wear a smile
freshly renewed.

Walk slowly, my friend
Walk on the sand
Your shadows
I will darken
Your foot prints
I will trace
I will follow
Your path
to learn from you

You churn the words
And polish them too
You shuffle them again
they are as good as new
Your magic works
They dance to your tune
You juggle and jangle
And walk on the moon.

Walk slowly, my friend,
I am following ,
I wish to be a writer
Like you.

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Thank U for this award
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