Thursday, September 28, 2006


The day, when it was my turn to be created, God decided to go for a holiday.
He left the clay unattended, lying in a heap, and rushed off to take some days of rest.
Everybody takes holiday, so why shouldn’t God take one too?

Holidays are important stress busters. I usually take one too!
Offended, I am not, if God takes holiday, offended I was, at His timings wronged!
‘Let me be born perfect’ I had pleaded to God many a times, when we spoke of me.
Yes, that’s what I had always wished. But alas! That was not to be.

For days, the clay lay unattended, forgotten, unused on a table top.
One fine day, an apprentice entered the holy workshop.
Roving a glance at the unattended clay, didn’t know what to do.
Messaged God to ask him, “Should I shape it with water, or just bind with glue?”
“Use a human manual,” said God, “And shape a woman fragile,
Let there be curves, pay attention and make something divine.”
And thus I was created from a manual kept on his side

Foolish apprentice created me divine, ugly and totally blind!
Overwhelmed, I traveled a thousand miles to find the Creator of all.
Resting on a Royal seat,saw Him with my inner eye, enjoying the waterfall

Before I could speak a word, I had lost my normal cool
“Lord, please help me! I can’t see! Not fair to me!” I screamed,
“Enjoy, I cannot, a fatal err has been made!” “Oh My Gosh!” said my Lord.
“Shush! Relax! Fear not! I will rub you with my Grace.”
Silently, we traveled back, He and me and my confused mind.
In his workshop He looked for the tools that would give me an outer shine.
“No, cannot restore your sight, damage is already done.” He said,
Giving me a glass of talent, He asked me to take a gulp.

Hope returned to my dark world with talent of word and song.
Inside my heart, he planted compassion with a promise it would not decay
Smile, it would bring to the helpless and mend their broken soul.

Surrounded me with caring family and pals who pampered me night and day
Oh! The eye that failed to see the colors of life saw the rainbow of love within!
Never again did I ever complain of imperfect physical gleam.
So blessed was I with final touches of my great Lord.

Hidden message
by picking first letter from each sentence, the hidden message revealed is
'The Holy Formula For blessing His Sons'

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